Our Services

Our Services

The Consuta range of composite training courses is available as a company sponsored tailored option, or alternatively we can explore the possibility of obtaining funding for your training programme.

Company sponsored programmes involve working with you to create a highly personalised training and development initiative. These programmes can incorporate the use of developmental options from pre- and post-course benchmarking through to formal qualifications, and each is based on fundamental steps in creating the right approach for you.

Consuta Training Ltd will always visit your organisation before implementing a workshop or training programme. This ensures that our tutors fully understand the specific needs of your business in advance. This enables us to deliver programmes which are designed to return improved business performance.

NVQ programme

The composites industry is currently experiencing a shortage of skilled technicians nationally, and this shortfall will not be met for many years. Consuta Training recommend that any large composites company considering growth over the next five years should consider long-term in-house training programmes to address this shortfall. The implementation of an NVQ programme can be used as an extension or alternative to in-house training, thus providing a recognised qualification assessed in the practical and underpinning areas, and based on a national standard.

The benefits of running an NVQ programme are listed below. It enables the company to achieve the best possible outcome from the qualification, and depends directly on how well the programme is implemented and conducted and the amount of support given by management.

For employers the qualifications can:

  • Assist with recruitment and retention of personnel
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Boost employee morale and motivation
  • Increase productivity and reduce rework
  • Demonstrate the quality of the workforce to existing and potential customers
  • Improve health and safety in the workplace

For employees the qualifications can:

  • Identify recognised competences required for individual tasks
  • Provide evidence of ability to do a particular job
  • Help improve career development/promotional chances
  • Give a sense of achievement
  • Be gained on the job
  • Be completed at various paces

The NVQ scheme can be implemented in many ways, but these are too exhaustive to list here. Consuta Training recommends a consultation with the client to advise on the most appropriate approach.

  • Blade Inspection and Repair
  • Wind Energy Blade Manufacturing
  • Composites processes and applications
  • Wet lay-up laminating
  • Vacuum bagging
  • Resin infusion technologies
  • Prepreg laminating
  • Trimming
  • Finishing
  • Inspection
  • Repair
  • Hallmark scheme
  • Hallmark scheme
  • A1 / V1 Assessor Awards
  • Train the Trainer